I have had such a wonderfully exciting weekend, it has been simply marvelous. 

First of all, on Saturday we had visitors.  Auntie Paula and Uncle Andrew, toddler Katherine and baby Emma came to visit.  They have my brother Toby and my big brother Branston.  They didn’t bring my brothers to visit which was fabulous as it meant I didn’t get beaten up and I got all the attention.  Katherine is the only human I’ve ever met who didn’t seem at least slightly startled to meet me.  I was leaping around happily greeting everyone, and she just giggled and said “woof-woof,” and grabbed hold of my ears.  I did a bit of baby-sitting, and it was all very jolly.

Then, on Sunday Grandpa discovered that we have a rat in the garage.  So yesterday morning, having fortified themselves with a cup of tea, Master and Mistress pulled on jeans and boots, grabbed some garden tools, said “Are you ready to do battle, Bertie?” and led the way round to the garage.  I, not being quite as daft as they often make me out to be, and knowing that rats can turn rather nasty when cornered, headed smartly in the opposite direction.  Master and Mistress had success with The Great Rat Hunt, with the end result that the garage is now completely clear of rats as the rat has moved into the shed.  Once I knew the rat was safely out of the way I went into the garage and made a great show of picking up the scent and searching for said rodent.  I think I had them fooled. 

For most families that would be enough excitement, but we can top even that.  We then went out into the countryside to visit some old family friends.  After lunch the Master took me for a nice walk across the fields while everyone else relaxed by the fire.  I had a jolly run through the mud and then I found my way into a garden with all these hens in it.  It was absolutely fabulous, a veritable paradise for dogs.  I made my presence known and quickly despatched two of them into the chicken afterlife.  I was busily working on the third when the Master caught me, rescued my prey, and removed me unceremoniously.  For some strange reason everyone is a touch displeased with me now.


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