the return of Bertie

I’m back after my totally unscheduled blogging break.  I’ve had the usual post-festive season slump – lethargy brought on by all the rich food.  But now I’m back and as bouncy as ever so watch out world!  My resolutions for the year are:

  1. chase anything that moves
  2. sleep on human beds more
  3. wade through every muddy puddle I find
  4. meet as many people as possible
  5. avoid showers and baths

As it has been raining a great deal here I have been doing particularly well on number 3, but number 5 is proving very tricky.  Wonder if they’re linked?



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2 responses to “the return of Bertie

  1. Hi Bertie!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit us!

    We like all your New Years Resolutions. I (Ivy) plan on getting even better at sneaking food and Eve plans on figuring out how to get the good end of the couch before I do!

    We both want to sleep at night with our subjects, but so far we have had to be content with curling up in the blankets before the bed gets made. We want to know if you have any advice to get us IN the bed at night time too. So far, nothing is working.

    Humans can be very stubborn, but we still love them.

    See you again!
    Ivy and Eve

  2. Hello! I like your resolutions! I like your blog too! I made some too, but my mom made me put some in that I didn’t want. Oh, well…humans.

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