Shock, horror!

That cat is really getting a bit above herself.  This morning the humans had breakfast in bed.  I was lying on the bed, waiting for the Master to drop some food, when all of a sudden that cat marches across the room and leaps onto the bed just the other side of the Master’s plate.  She was barely a foot away from me.  She stared at the food, she stared at me, and then eventually went back to her chair.  I’ll say this for the Master, he didn’t miss a beat, just kept shoveling the food in, scoring a direct hit on the mouth every time.



Filed under catastrophe, Dog days

2 responses to “Shock, horror!

  1. Cats have a lot of nerve, that’s all I can say!

  2. You are a very swell and funny dog. Good blog too. Does your guardian help you with it? I just stopped by because I noticed that we have the same blog name except that mine is in Blogger because my guardian says it’s easier than WordPress and I guess she thinks I couldn’t handle it or something. Anyway, glad to woof at you. Keep an eye on that cat.



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