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Shock, horror!

That cat is really getting a bit above herself.  This morning the humans had breakfast in bed.  I was lying on the bed, waiting for the Master to drop some food, when all of a sudden that cat marches across the room and leaps onto the bed just the other side of the Master’s plate.  She was barely a foot away from me.  She stared at the food, she stared at me, and then eventually went back to her chair.  I’ll say this for the Master, he didn’t miss a beat, just kept shoveling the food in, scoring a direct hit on the mouth every time.



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 Cat 10 Last night, after we’d all had our dinner, Madison the Cat opened up her plastic tub of food.  She enjoyed a HUGE secret feast on most of the contents, but she did leave me a little bit which was sweet of her.  What I don’t understand is how she managed to get the lid off the tub.  She did leave some deep teeth marks in it.  Apparently she has opened tins and other containers before.  I am beginning to suspect that she might be some sort of evil genius.  Hmm, maybe I should try to form an alliance with her.

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