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 In the interests of seasonal jollity and whatnot – here is a photo of me opening my Christmas present last year.


A Happy Christmas to you all and “God bless us everyone.”  Manger


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I’m an Indian too

After watching a Western epic and Annie Get Your Gun, the household has been re-named with Indian names.  Master is “Dances with Spaniel,”  Mistress is “Fire flashes in eyes woman,” Grandpa is “Ears like an elephant.”  As for me, I have not one but two new names, and I am very proud of both of them:  “Loved by humans,” and “Smells like a buffalo.”

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Works-for-me Wednesday

Shannon over at

has set up “Works-for-me Wednesday” to collect tips that make your life easier. 

My tip is:  LOOK CUTE!


Works for me every time. . .


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Hello and welcome!

 Hello there everybody and welcome to my blog!  Come in, come in.  Don’t mind me running around and jumping up at you to get a good sniff.  I always get so excited when I meet new people.  Or old people.  Or any people.  I’ll just run around and round up everyone else.  Oo, this is so much fun. . . and tiring (pant, pant). . . I think I’ll just lie down and take a nap now!

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